Sunny Skies & RTD’s (ready to drink)

May 2, 2023

With sunny skies and warmer temperatures quickly approaching, a nice way to add some flavor to your summer might be to explore some of our exciting seasonal offerings. While many of these products may be a familiar summertime favorite, there are plenty of new offerings to enjoy while summer is here.

~Lemonade / Lemonade Variety / Watermelon / Pineapple / Fruit Variety / and the newest flavor~Orange!
Nutrl provides a fresh and exciting twist on some of your favorite vodka based mixed drinks, without the hassle of mixing or even adding ice. These ready to drink vodka seltzers are perfect for selling by the bucket
or selling from a beverage cart. (Nutrl is available all year long!)

~Known as a true golfer’s cocktail, the Tranfusion is a modern classic enjoyed at golf
course bars and country clubs across the world. Cutwater’s Tranfusion is delicious,
portable, and refreshing-perfect for toasting to that one good shot of the day.

~Additional Cutwater flavors
Experience the flavors of some of your favorite summertime mixed drinks without the hassle of mixing or adding ice – perfect for the patio, beverage cart or tiki bar!

Check out the Cutwater flavors here & take one to the patio!

Cheers to a great summer!