Dewey’s Bar opened by Dewey Dean (Russ Dean’s dad).


Russ becomes partner with Dewey in the bar business after coming home from WWII.

  • Russ starts Russ Dean Distributing Company on May 1st (His father Dewey helps bankroll the business). First brewery was G. Heileman Brewing from La Crosse, WI and first notable beer brands were Old Style and Special Export beers.
  • He started the business with one delivery truck.
  • First warehouse was rented on Alexander Street, just off of North Broadway St. in Green Bay.

Russ added Miller Brewing Company Brands from Milwaukee. Notable beer brand was Miller High Life.

  • Russ moves into his new warehouse at 904 N. Broadway in Green Bay. Approximately 5,000 sq ft. This is next to the family house (900 N. Broadway).
  • Russ Dean Distributing Company becomes Dean Distributing Inc.
  • Russ picks up several new brands; Kingsbury and Braumeister beers from Sheboygan (owned by G. Heileman) and also Gettlemen Beer from Milwaukee (owned by Miller).
  • Other brands Russ sold during this time were Heineken, Menominee Silver Cream and Graf’s soda brands.

Bob Dean joins his father’s business in a full-time role, 2nd generation in 1976.
Jim Dean also joins his father’s business in a full-time role, 2nd generation in 1977.


Dean Distributing moves to their new facility at 476 Packerland Drive on the southwest side of Green Bay.

  • Dean Distributing acquires the Anheuser-Busch in Brown County, WI from Bur Wholesale in August.
  • G. Heileman brands still represent 80% of our overall business with Anheuser-Busch at 20%.
  • Budweiser Light is re-named to Bud Light.

Busch Beer brand is introduced in Wisconsin and our market as well.


Dean Distributing experiences tremendous growth with Anheuser-Busch brands, primarily Bud Light, Busch, and Budweiser.


Dean Distributing moves into their new facility at 1215 Ontario Road in the I-43 Industrial Park, east-side of Green Bay.


Dean Distributing acquires Kaufman Distributing in Marinette, WI and increases their Anheuser-Busch sales territory by adding Oconto and Marinette counties to their market area.


Dean Distributing acquires Goose Island Brewing and Stella Artois brands and so begins the addition of several alcohol and non-alcohol beverages to our portfolio during the next decade.

  • Josh Dean joins Dean Distributing as the first of several 3rd generation Deans that will start working full-time for the company.
  • Dean’s adds New Belgium Beer Brewery from Colorado, notable brand is Fat Tire. Monster Energy was also added.
  • A major building addition is added to our Ontario Road facility as sales continue to grow for the company.
  • Kyle Dean joins Dean Distributing as a 3rd generation Dean.
  • Dean’s acquires the Anheuser-Busch brands from Oneida Sales & Service in Rhinelander and with that, several additional counties to our market area. Price, Iron, Oneida, Vilas, Langlade, Forest counties are now part of Anheuser-Busch market area.
  • Dean’s operates from two facilities with the purchase of Oneida Distributing, Rhinelander in addition to Green Bay.
  • Dean’s acquires New Glarus brands from H&H Distributing in Rhinelander.

Russ Dean, founder of Dean Distributing passes away at age 92.


Ken Eggen becomes Dean Distributing’s President.


Dean’s moves into their new northern facility in Arbor Vitae and close out their operations in Rhinelander.

  • Bobby and Jimmy Dean join Dean Distributing as 3rd generation Deans.
  • Dean’s acquires various beer brands from Range Distributing up in Hurley, WI. They include New Glarus, Boston Beer, Keweenaw, Labatt’s, etc.

Dean’s acquires additional sales territory from Four Seasons Distributing, mainly in Marinette County with various beer brands such as Boston Beer Brands, New Glarus, and Keweenaw.


Dean Distributing currently services 11 counties, has 140 full and part time employees with 23 daily delivery routes.